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Had a fairly straight-forward trip from Ilha Grande to a small historic town further down the coast called Paraty. An hour long ferry and 2 hours on a local bus which was more like a roller coaster ride than the peaceful trip that we expected. The frailest, old wee man that you could imagine stole Linda´s banana when she was eating it then handed me the skin back when he was finished!

Not too much to report from Pararty, it is a small coastal town which was a former Portuguese settlement. It has lots of old colonial buildings throughout the historic area of the town. Very picturesque but not too much to do (especially as we were still recovering from our food poisioning experience!). Ended up staying in an creepy old youth hostel which smelt a bit foosty so ended up moving on after 2 days and nights.

Just finished our first long distance bus journey to a place called Florianopolis which is even further down the coast. Took a 6 hour bus ride to Sao Paulo then after a couple of hours in the biggest bus terminal we have ever seen, we had a 14-15 hour overnight bus to Florianopolis. Thankfully, we both managed to sleep on the bus for a while so not feeling too bad today. Travelling through Sao Paulo took ages. It is Brazil´s biggest city and the size of it was unbelievable!

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Ilha Grande

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We have now been in Ilha Grande for a few days. It is about 2 hours on a bus and an hour boat ride to get to from Rio. It is a beautiful island with amazing beaches. There are no cars or ATM's here and it appears really safe. We originally planned to only stay here for 2 nights, but it now looks like we will end up here for 5 nights.

The pousada (guest house) we are staying in is great, as it is in such a peaceful location with tropical gardens but just a short stroll from town. Our Auzzie friends and Danish mate are still here too. We have also met a couple of Dutch girls, a lovely Columbian girl, and a great couple, Pablo and Leticia, from Buenos Aires. We are all getting on really well and having a great time having our own caipirinha parties. Pablo and Leticia have kindly offered to show us part of Buenos Aires when we arrive there in November, and Pablo has also offered to show us his bbq skills too, so we are looking forward to seeing them again.

We did a boat trip to another part if the island yesterday with Josh, Claudia and Anders. It was a good laugh and we had a cracking day for it. We made a couple of stops at a deserted beach and a beautiful lagoon, where some guy found a massive turtle. We made one final stop for lunch but this turned out to be a bad decision as we both now have food poisoning!! I dont think either of us have had a stomach-bug this bad before, so the majority of last night involved trips back and forth to the bathroom so we are now fed up being sick. Today is a day spent in the pousada but luckily Pablo and Leticia are both doctors so have offered to give us medicine if it gets any worse. Fingers crossed we will be back to normal soon though.

Thankfully the computer here is good so we finally managed to get our photos uploaded onto this site. We hope to get more photos uploaded soon.

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Football & Christo

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A bit of an up-and-down night, as we were told that the pickup for the footy was 6.30pm when that was actually the kickoff. We happened to be walking back to the hostel when the bus was outside at 5pm, but unfortunately the two other guys we were going with were not back by then so they missed out. The atmosphere was superb with it being a derby match, however, there was wasn't too much to cheers about as it ended up 0-0. The standard was a bit disappointing, especially the quality of the final ball but there was moments of good skill to be seen. A great atmosphere and some cracking songs, but the night made me feel slightly better about the standard of Scottish football!

We had heavy rain the following day, which was good in the sense that it cleared the air as the humidity was getting a bit much. Had a bit of a nightmare though as we had a leak in the bathroom ceiling then one above our bed so we ended up having to move room in the middle of the night. No harm done though and am sure we will end up in worse situations. We decided to stay on for another night though so we could take a trip up to Christ the Redeemer (Christo Redemptor).

We did our own trip up to Christo with our Geordie friend, so that was great doing it at half the price and being able to spend as much time up there as we wanted. As most of you will know, neither of us are religious but Christo has a certain presence which is hard to describe. Definately worth a visit and the views over Rio are spectacular! It really gives you an appreciation of the actual size of Rio.

We are writting this as we are travelling to our next destination - Ilha Grande, about 3-4 hours from Rio. We have just drove past miles and miles of favelas, the Brazilian slums. We must have been driving past them on a main road for about 30-45 mins. I dont think anyone knows the actual population of Rio and after seeing this we can understand why. This was a real eye-opener as when around the city you only see areas of favelas up on the hills in-between the nicer areas. We are travelling here with our new friend Anders, a Danish graffiti artist. He has been doing work in the favelas but he has now taken a few days away from Rio as he was held up at gun point on two seperate occasions yesterday whilst trying to do his work. Luckily he has been working and travelling with locals who got him out of these situations safely. He said he was scared at the time but he is okay now. There are many organised tours through the favelas, but we chose not to do these as it didn't feel right to go and see people living in these conditions and after hearing Anders experience we think we made the right choice!

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The First Few Days

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Thats two full days in Rio so far and we have walked round most of the main areas. Did a massive walk yesterday through places like Flamengo and Botafogo to get to Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. Never seen beaches like these before, as they are something else. Miles of sand packed full of Brazilians having a great time.

We have met loads of great people so far - a couple from Melbourne, girls from Norway / Bahamas / USA, a Swiss watchmaker, a Danish graffitti artist, and also a guy from Newcastle (Afrin & Carrie - he grew up about half a mile from you guys in Wide Open!). We all went to a street party in Lapa which is the main party area of Rio. Had a great time and ended up coming back to a Brazilian party with a live band. The Brazilian drink Caipirinhas are superb!

We were planning to go to watch a Brazilian footy match in the Maracana but we are gutted as it is currently closed for works in preparation for the World Cup. However, we are going to see Fluminense vs Botafogo tonight which is the oldest derby in Brazil. Should be a good atmosphere since Fluminense are top of the league and Botafogo are the next best placed team from Rio. Disappointed we aren´t getting the experience of going to the Maracana but looking forward to it none the less.

We are loving Rio so far and although there are constant reminders on the streets that the city has extreme poverty issues, we are finding the Brazilians are very friendly and helpful. They also certainly know how to have a great time and enjoy life.

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Journey To Rio De Janeiro

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Taxi was booked for 5am to get to Glasgow airport for our flight to London. Packing and finalising things in the house took far longer than expected so decided no point in going to bed. Wish I had now though as turned out to be a very long day ahead. Took between 21-22 hours from door to door, albeit we had a few hours to waste in Heathrow.

Flight wasnt too bad as plenty of films to keep us busy. Arrived in Rio on time and thankfully our airport pickup was on time - thanks Flavio. Journey through Rio was impressive (esp the locals driving) and enjoyed stepping into the taxi to hear Rod Stewart on the radio! The heat was something else though, as 25 degrees between 10-11pm local time.

Hostel is good and we have a big double ensuite room so we cannot complain. Looking forward to our first full day in Rio today!

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